Foster Care Services

There is a growing number of children all over the world that is in dire need of a temporary or permanent place to call home. In Michigan alone, that number is rising by the hundreds. This contributes to the thousands of children without properly caring and loving homes, and those already living within the foster care system. Every child deserves the opportunity to have a safe, loving, and caring place to call home.

We encourage people and families who have the "luxury" of having a safe, loving, and caring place to share the wealth by opening up your home, that would make a world of difference to them. 

JHS is in the business to linking those children, with people and homes like yours. 

** Please consider becoming a foster parent. **

​There is 5 easy steps to becoming a foster parent.

1. Just by contacting us, you've already accomplished the first step.

2. Attend an orientation to review guidelines and what to expect as a foster parent.

​3. Complete a licensing clearing application. Application.

​4. Participate in a home evaluation.

​5. Attend a free Parent Resources for Information Development and Education (PRIDE) training. 

Here is a list of frequently asked questions FAQ for more information. 

We have included a couple of important guides for help in understanding on becoming a foster parent.

Understanding the Foster Child

Becoming a Foster Parent

For more information, please visit the website of Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services. (MDHHS)